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We offer a range of automation solutions to address your processing needs. These solutions are geared towards increasing the profitability and quality of your product by streamlining and increasing production capacity, whilst reducing operational costs.




We offer development services within complete Turnkey solutions, including:
•    Batch Process Control
•    Data Acquisition and Reporting
•    System Integration 
•    PLC Programing
•    HMI Design
•    SCADA Creation

We offer consultation within complete Turnkey solutions, including:
•    System/Process Analysis and Optimization
•    Efficiency Improvement
•    Process Design
•    Hardware and Instrumentation Design

We offer on-site and remote system maintenance and support for production processing.





We have conducted projects throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. We have the capacity and experience to commission production plants from start-up to customer acceptance anywhere in the world.

We offer specialized services for machinery/equipment suppliers, including:
•    Installation
•    Technical Support 
•    Maintenance

We collaborate with strategic partners in order to provide complete industrial solutions.

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